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(Dioscorea Villosa)

An herb that relaxes spasms, stimulates bile flow, and dlates blood vessels. Wild Yam does not contain full blown estrogen or other hormones. It contains steroid saponins primarily “diogenin” which the body can use to make its own hormones as and if it needs them.

PROPERTIES: diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, expectorant, cholagogue

Wild Yam
(Dioscorea Villosa)
· is present in many of the gland balancing formula available
· part of the therapeutic action of wild yam on overall liver health is due to its ability to lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure
· used internally for arthritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, and gall bladder complaints
· helps gastritis (especially in alcoholics)
· useful for treatment in Krohn’s disease
· used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases
· it will counteract nausea associated with morning sickness
· helps relieve painful menstruation, ovarian and labor pains
· can be used for the lungs, bronchitis, excess mucus, asthma and whooping cough
· can rapidly and effectively reduce the pain of biliary colic caused by gallstones and eases the passage of small stones
· some forms of arthritis are also benefited by combinations of Wild Yam

SUGGESTED DOSAGE: should be used as directed by a qualified professional practitioner.
Tincture - Spray:
3-6 pumps three times daily.
Extract: ½ tsp 3 times daily.
For morning sickness take 3 to 5 drops every hour as needed.
Contra Indications: None found.

Please note: This information is compiled from traditional and modern herb books, articles and research. This information is summarized for its educational value and should not be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease. It should not be used to replace the services of a qualified practitioner.