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(Lycopodium clavatum)

A sedative antibacterial herb that is diuretic, lowers fever, benefits the digestion and stimulates the uterus.

PROPERTIES: antibacterial, diuretic, sedative, protective, vulnerary

Club Moss (Lycopodium clavatum)
· internally for urinary and kidney disorders
· cystitis
· externally for skin diseases and irritation
· useful in conditions where pale, livid or dirty complexion is manifest
· helpful for people with extreme sensitivity to the touch
· a diuretic and digestive
· in Chinese medicine it is used for rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic injury
· capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier

SUGGESTED DOSAGE: should be used as directed by a qualified professional practitioner.
Tincture - Spray:
3-6 pumps three times daily.
Extract: ½ tsp 3 times daily

Please note: This information is compiled from traditional and modern herb books, articles and research. This information is summarized for its educational value and should not be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease. It should not be used to replace the services of a qualified practitioner.