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(Eupatorium perfoliatum)

A bitter, astingent herb that lowers fevers, relieves brochial congestion and constipation and stimulates the immune system.

PROPERTIES: analgesic, antipyretic, aperient, bitter, cathartic, diaphoretic, emetic, febrifuge, stimulant, tonic.

Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)
· traditionally used as a cough and fever remedy
· gets its name because of its usefulness in treating the flu – its application which treated the flu with severe body aches was called a “breakbone fever”
· is a slow but continuous stimulant and tonic for the stomach, liver, bowel and uterus
· combines with Achillea millefolium, Sambucus nigra, Asclepias tuberosa, Zingiber offic. and/or Capsicum annuum for influenza
· useful for coughs in the elderly and debilitated who lack strength to expel respiratory secretions
· a remedy for infectious diseases
· may be given in smaller doses every few hours during the flu

SUGGESTED DOSAGE: should be used as directed by a qualified professional practitioner.
Tincture - Spray:
3-6 pumps three times daily.
Extract: ½ tsp 3 times daily.
Taken cold the infusion has tonic and mildly laxative effects. Use 1 tsp three to six times daily. Taken warm it is diaphoretic and emetic and can be used to break up a common cold, intermittent fever and for the flu. Using 1 level tsp of extract with 1 cup of boiling water; steep for 30 min. and strain.
CONTRA INDICATIONS: Use during pregnancy and lactation should be avoided. Individuals with existing hyper-sensitivities/allergies should use with caution.

Please note: This information is compiled from traditional and modern herb books, articles and research. This information is summarized for its educational value and should not be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease. It should not be used to replace the services of a qualified practitioner.